RGI S.p.A. and C Consulting S.p.A. announce today their part ...


RGI S.p.A. and C Consulting S.p.A. announce today their partnership

RGI S.p.A. and C Consulting S.p.A. announce today their partnership to accelerate their development in the property and casualty, life, claims in the insurance markets, sectors in strong demand for technological innovation and digital transformation.

This commercial partnership between RGI, leading vendor of core policy administration systems in EMEA, and C Consulting, Italian leader for reinsurance and regulatory software solutions for insurance and reinsurance companies, is part of an ambitious growth strategy in EMEA: it completes RGI’s and C Consulting’s existing product range, wider the customer base and strengthens the respective international positioning and development. It also makes available to EMEA insurance companies the result of more than a decade history of integrations between the two systems already successfully delivered in Italy.

 “European Insurers need technological solutions which can enable their digital transformation and open up to ecosystems to grow. Our partnership with C Consulting goes exactly in the same way: their deep knowledge and expertise on reinsurance, which is the background of their leadership in the field, makes them the ideal partner to complement the PASS suite. Our synergy means that now our Clients will leverage state-of-the-art solutions to extensively manage all Insurance processes end-to-end, from product design to underwriting together with a top-notch reinsurance.” said Alberto Piva, RGI CEO.

 “There has never been such an important time for players like RGI and C Consulting to work hard together in the insurance ecosystem. Our partnership is the perfect synergy for today’s and tomorrow’s leading insurance companies to take advantages, sharing expertise and counting on solutions on innovative practices and excellent delivery in all line of business. Through two decades of steady global expansion C-Consulting has grown to become the leading provider of reinsurance management systems in Italy. We consider these results as the starting point of an International long-term strategy which wants to leverage the leadership built in the Italian market across the EMEA region, supporting insurers in partnership with RGI on their journey to excellence.” stated Aldo Capurro, CEO of C Consulting.