Die Bayerische's New Policy Management System


Die Bayerische's New Policy Management System

It was only in February and March that the home contents and residential building lines went into production. With the entire liability line of business, the most extensive line of business to date has been completed together with Novum-RGI on schedule and within budget and has been integrated into the modern policy management system for managing composite contracts at the die Bayerische insurance group.

The new policy management system Elementar, which is currently being developed on the base of V'ger P&C, the powerful standard software solution for insurers from Novum-RGI, has thus been extensively expanded to include the lines of private liability, pet owner liability, builder liability, homeowner and landowner liability, water damage liability, hunting liability, and watercraft liability. The process also continues at a rattling pace. The next major line of business, accident insurance, is scheduled to be implemented by October.

As a multi-line system, V'ger P&C includes modern solutions for all insurance lines and covers all core underwriting systems operated on a single standard platform. Novum-RGI’s standardized project and process model for insurers, which Novum-RGI has developed according to state-of-the-art methods through its decades of know-how, ensures continuous project success.