The project, developed by Politecnico di Milano students and an internal corporate team, has resulted in the definition of a framework which provides guidelines and basics to determine objectives, operating rules and shared processes for partnerships

RGI Group, European leader in the digital transformation of Insurers, announces the completion of the new international project which has been developed with JEMP - Junior Enterprise Milano Politecnico, a non-profit association and university entrepreneurial initiative connecting universities and the world of work and offering business consulting services. Developed to support the 2021 corporate strategic plan for  partnerships development, the project has seen Politecnico di Milano students work together with a dedicated RGI team on the definition of a collaboration model for the management of business partnerships, which represent one of the main strategic drivers for the growth of the Group. The project has also allowed RGI to implement one of its corporate values, which consists in the will to integrate its skills with the innovative approach of young talents entering the world of work.

The work on this project, which has been carried out between April and December 2021, has resulted in the development of a framework which provides guidelines and basics to determine clear and measurable objectives, operating rules and shared processes for partnerships, in order to ensure a successful customer experience with solutions, training, and awareness activities tailored according to the different markets. This represents a further step towards RGI Group’s aim to ensure a partnership management operating model for what concerns client projects as well as projects and services evolution that is shared between all countries where RGI Group operates, taking into account the different needs and trends of each country market. Moreover, thanks to this initiative, RGI Group proves again its will to support training, invest in the search for talent and integrate new skills – all fundamental elements for the company’s strategy.

For the whole duration of the project, which was carried out entirely in English and consisted of two phases, JEMP has worked together with an internal corporate team from RGI, collaborating also with the CEOs of various RGI Group’s countries – Italy, France, Germany and Slovenia – and involving the Group’s R&D, Product and Sales areas.

During the first phase, “Set up & Assessment”, the teams defined the project objectives and mapped out the business situation with interviews aimed at understanding the model in use for business partnerships. Drawing on analyses and collected data, they established the official clusters of the company’s partnership categories, which include business partners and technology partners.

During the second phase, “Blueprint definition”, which represented the main part of the project, the teams actively set out the guidelines for the two partnership clusters they had previously identified, as well as the basics for the blueprint framework in order to determine objectives, operating rules and shared processes.

Finally, they created a development plan which was later presented during the “Unlock Your Ecosystem” event – an occasion to promote the cooperation between RGI Group and its partners to ensure excellent and successful results for insurers of the EMEA area.

Helping an international player in the creation of a model for the management and selection of partners has been a challenging opportunity which has allowed students to collaborate with the company’s CEOs and experienced figures from different corporate areas, as well as to put into practice their educational background by interacting with professionals from one of the best companies for innovation in the insurance sector at international level”, Francesca Cioccarelli, JEMP Project Manager for this collaboration, has said.

The project we have developed together with the students from JEMP has allowed us to work on our partnerships – which are crucial for our company and are at the heart of our strategic programme for the year 2021 – in order to define a model that is shared at international level”, Michele Maggiorotti, RGI Head of Group Operations & Partnerships, has commented. “Moreover, collaborating with Politecnico di Milano students has also given us the opportunity to think in a perspective which values the growth and development of young talents – which is part of our corporate objectives and values”.