Aniello Mautone, already Unimatica-RGI Deputy CEO and RGI Customer Support & Value Vice President, will be at the helm of the Bolognese company to continue the process of national and international growth

RGI announces the appointment of Aniello Mautone as the new Chief Executive Officer of Unimatica-RGI, of which the company has been the majority shareholder since 2019. The decision to appoint Aniello Mautone, who succeeds Silvano Ghedini at the helm of the Bologna-based company, is part of the strategic path towards integration and synergy between the entities of RGI Group, with the aim of further enhancing and accelerating its growth in Italy and in Europe.

Aniello Mautone, who was already the Deputy CEO of Unimatica-RGI, has been part of the Group for nine years. He has held various roles within the delivery departments of RGI over the years, working on project management, research and development and service management. In his previous role as RGI Customer Support & Value Vice President he has led some of the main digital transformation projects for Italian and international Insurers, thanks to his substantial experience in Insurance and System Integration.

Silvano Ghedini will act as a strategic advisor to the firm and will assist the new CEO in the transition to his new role, ensuring management continuity in line with the business strategies and supporting the growth of the company.

Unimatica-RGI is a leader in Italy in digital signature and legally compliant archiving services, with the aim of making all business processes paperless by eliminating paper documents at source. Founded in Bologna in 2000, Unimatica-RGI joined RGI Group in 2010 and its main customers are important Italian public and private companies including Insurance Companies, Banking Institutions, Utility firms, Public Administrations and Healthcare Companies.

Alberto Piva, RGI SpA CEO, has said, “On behalf of RGI Group, I wish Aniello Mautone all the best in his new role. His experience and expertise are well known and highly appreciated in our company and by the customers with whom he collaborated. I sincerely thank Silvano Ghedini for having performed excellently in his role as Chief Executive Officer throughout these years and for having led Unimatica-RGI to its current position as leader in paperless services. His further support together with Aniello's leadership will be essential to allow Unimatica-RGI to continue to grow as an innovative and cutting-edge digital player".

Commenting on his new appointment, Aniello Mautone, Unimatica-RGI CEO, has stated, “I thank RGI Group for trusting me with this opportunity. I am ready to take up this new challenge, where I will commit myself to leading the company to a new phase of development that will be based on three key pillars: business growth, synergy with other Group entities and a strong care for people. In recent months I have already had the opportunity to get to know the Unimatica-RGI colleagues and I am looking forward to being at the helm of such a talented team. I am sure that with their support I will achieve the set goals”.

Silvano Ghedini, the former Unimatica-RGI CEO, has added, “Aniello is a highly experienced leader with a strong international vision and innovative ideas for the future of digitisation. This makes him the ideal figure for this generational transition and to guide the company in its new expansion. He will have all the support he needs from me and I wish him a long path full of successes and great satisfaction”.