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Claims Competence Center: maturity model outputs

On October 2013, the third year of the activity research by the Claims Competence Center ended. This project was sponsored by RGI Group, and carried out together with "Cetif" ("Centro di ricerca su Tecnologie, Innovazione e servizi Finanziari" - Università Cattolica di Milano). The panel of the research involved 76.25% of the total amount of the Italian Premium collection: Allianz, Aviva, Axa Assicurazioni, Gruppo Generali, Gruppo Unipol, Reale Mutua, RSA, Sara Assicurazioni, Società Cattolica di Assicurazione.

Claims management is the branch on which companies are investing resources, to make this process efficient, and to offer a service that can satisfy the clients' needs. The claim is considered a critical moment for the insured; so, the lack of a customer oriented service causes critical situations on reputation, and these could affect the continuity of the relationship with a company.

On the other hand, the Claims management is one of the most expensive items for an Insurer, both for the human resources and for the IT systems. Moreover, the market context and the regulation drive the Companies to accelerate the process, especially after the disposal of the Card process.

The Insurers are addressing all of these needs to make investments in the Claims area to reduce costs and times of the adjustment management and to extend the client services and to increase the customer satisfaction and the customer experience.

For all of these reasons, the Insurers have considered an essential aspect the comparison of their Claims activity maturity on the innovation side to increase the efficiency process and client service.

CeTIF, RGI Group and the Competence Centre attendees have rolled out a quality survey to evaluate the Insurers' business and their needs to innovate the Claims management process.

A "maturity model" has been figured out that allowed to define:

  • Companies' ranking related to the capability of increasing process efficiency and client services;
  • The Company innovation domain in the short-medium term

The analysed KPIs are the following:

  • Process Efficiency–Voice of Insurance(VOI), represented by the claims management capabilities that have a positive impact on the efficiency.
  • Client service Quality–Voice of Customer(VOC), represented by the Insurer added value services and by the client needs on the claims management.

The research perimeter refers to claims management on third party liability branch, considering both the Card and Non Card process.