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RGI Group Newsletter

RGI Next – Back to the Future

As every year, in October, RGI organizes its must attended flagship event, "RGI Next", showing the IT insurance market as-is and discussing with the insurance executives the best practices to reach the digital transformation.

RGI Next will take place next October 16th, in Italy, in the suggestive and emotional location "Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni" in Bellagio (CO) – Italy.

The pay-off of this edition is "Back to the Future" because during the event RGI will show how trends and predictions presented during the last years events have been tangibly implemented on RGI assets:

  • "RGI Next – About Digital" (2012) was about the paradigm of the "digital economy". The event showed how technology could help to evolve an Insurer into a Digital Insurer through the use of new technologies for a higher automation level of Marketing, Sales and Claims Management thanks to smart front-ends and the enhancement of the user experience. The human intervention will be required for higher added value activities.
  • "RGI Next – Big Data Revolution" (2013) explored industry market analysis of predictive models to offer a futuristic vision of applications and benefits within the insurance industry facing the impact of the digital footprint that we leave in every activity when using a telematic device. The new frontier of social networks, home insurance and digital interactions, requires a radical and structured revisitation of data retrieval through the various distribution channels, creating countless opportunities for the Insurers to anticipate the customer needs and the market evolution and to customize the insurance offer, thinking no longer by business lines but by single customer and exponentially increasing the warranties flexibility.
  • "RGI Next – Shape Your Business" (2014) was an occasion to brainstorm about how Insurers should evolve their business in digital business to reach the business processes digital transformation through the adoption of a digitalized operating model. The day was fully dedicated to technology, with a wide variety of hints on Digital Business, wearable devices and Internet of Things: a future that, technologically speaking, is not as far as it might seem. A snapshot of the digitalization phenomenon to understand how the process-driven technology can shape the insurance business.

The 2015 edition of the RGI Next event merges all the topics of past events to show the most digital and innovative trends, implemented on RGI assets. We will explore the European digitalization in the insurance market and will analyze how technology can support Insurers in adopting a truly digital strategy that will allow them to face this massive revolution considering a grow-and-change roadmap. "Tra-digital" is a necessary milestone to Next Generation Policy Administration Systems (PAS). It is a key that combines traditional architecture (Legacy Systems) with innovative omnichannel frontends.

The event opens with a Keynote hold by Vito Rocca – CEO Group RGI who will introduce the "tra-digital era".

After the Keynote, Jamie Macgregor – Senior Vice President, Global Insurance Celent, Oliver Wyman Group, will tell us about Customers' and Insurers' digital readiness, focusing on an exclusive report, "How ready are Insurers and their clients to transact insurance digitally?". The report has been realized in partnership with RGI for the event and it is the result of a survey on digital readiness involving the most important Italian and European Insurers. Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of the report.

In the last speech, Elena Pistone – Corporate Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Director RGI will interview Ugo Di Iorio – Chief Presales & Innovation Officer RGI, and Gianluca Verraz – Chief Product Officer RGI, and during the Tech Show, RGI will explore innovative solutions that meet the Insurers' requirements and their budget needs to transact insurance digitally.

After the main session, three parallel workshops will be dedicated to analyze the technological impacts on Life, P&C and Claims lines of business. In each session there will be an Insurer Case study.


  • 09:30 Registration
  • 10:00 Welcome TRA-DIGITAL

    (Vito Rocca – CEO Group RGI)
  • 10:30 How ready are Insurers and their clients to transact insurance digitally?

    (Jamie Macgregor – Senior Vice President, Global Insurance Celent)
  • 10:50 Going TRA-DIGITAL: Road to the new generation of Policy Administration System

    Chairman Elena Pistone – Corporate Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Director RGI
  • Gianluca Verraz – Chief Product Officer RGI
    Ugo Di Iorio – Chief Presales & Innovation Officer RGI
    Mario Tarello – Lead User Experience Designer RGI
    Federico Santaroni – Lead Data Scientist RGI

  • 11:40 Smart Session
      From Legacy to Digital

      Carlo Menozzi – Direttore Generale CredemVita
      Aniello Mautone – Policy Administration System & Digital Director RGI

      Rise up to Omnichannel

      Davide Berveglieri – Direttore Bancassurance Commerciale e Gestione Cattolica Assicurazioni
      Damiano Fusina – Sviluppo Diretta BU Bancassurance Cattolica Assicurazioni
      Matteo Missaglia – Italy System Integration Director RGI

      Claims Digital Transformation

      Roberto Lecciso – COO Helvetia
      Teresa Alberti – Client Manager RGI

  • 12:55 TRA-DIGITAL CONCERT: Ensemble Le Muse
  • 13:30 Networking Lunch
Source: RGI