XCELENT Customer Base Award for PASS_Insurance


XCELENT Customer Base Award for PASS_Insurance

Milan, 03/08/2018


Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman, has awarded RGI, an independent software vendor leader in Europe in the design, development and delivery of core systems to Insurers, with the XCelent Customer Base award for its PASS_Insurance platform.


This award defines PASS_Insurance as a major platform in EMEA. Celent says in the report, “RGI has demonstrated an ability to modernize technology, to be extremely relevant in a digital insurance world, and now to grow in EMEA.”


“This award is a statement of the vision of our investments. We are working to bring a best of breed platform to the European market. Our goal is to support Insurers and Brokers in the digital transformation of their business. PASS_Insurance manages an annual premium income of over 21 billion euro. Its strengths are reliability, flexibility and innovation that allow to manage products and business processes, to support digital technology trends and the new Customers’ relationship models. PASS_Insurance is the platform that has been chosen, among other solutions, by most of the Non-Life Insurers in EMEA. Thanks to PASS_Insurance RGI has digitized the business of more than 100 Insurers and 300 Brokers. It is a recognition of a standard that is being defined in Europe”, said Vito Rocca, RGI’s Chief Executive Officer


Celent actively reviews vendor systems in the insurance software market. Celent’s ABCD Vendor View analysis is used to highlight vendors that have attained success selling their systems in the EMEA market.


This report, Europe Middle East, and Africa Policy Administration Systems 2018, provides an overview of the policy administration systems available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for non-life, general insurance or property & casualty insurance carriers. The report profiles 38 policy administration solutions, providing an overview of the functionality, the customer base, lines of business supported, the technology, implementation, pricing, and support.


RGI PASS_Insurance is the comprehensive component-based core system which supports the entire insurance cycle with multi-company, multi-territory, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities. PASS_Insurance offers a modern web-based interface, PASS_Portal, for its internal users along with support for mobile and tablet browsers.


PASS_insurance user references highlighted RGI’s knowledge of the insurance industry, and its partnership with their customers, also its technology and functional completeness, and several particularly referenced the product design and configuration as key benefits.




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About RGI

RGI is the EMEA digital influencer of the insurance market, providing a comprehensive and modular offering which addresses core insurance processes including policy administration, market management, and sales and distribution. With a team of 800 professionals specialised in IT and insurance, and operating from 12 offices in Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Tunisia and Luxembourg, RGI has digitised the business of more than 100 Insurers and 300 brokers across different geographies.


About Celent

Celent, Oliver Wyman is a research, advisory, and consulting firm. They offer unbiased insight into the latest trends, the competitive landscape, and the existing market structure. Their research is conducted by in-house analysts with extensive experience in the industry.





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