To RGI the Camillo e Adriano Olivetti award as Innovative an ...


To RGI the Camillo e Adriano Olivetti award as Innovative and Social Responsible Company

Ivrea, 17th September 2018.

On 15th September in Ivrea RGI, Independent Software Vendor, leader in Europe in the digital transformation of Insurers, has been awarded with the first edition of “Camillo and Adriano Olivetti Award for Innovative and Social Responsible Companies”.

 “On behalf of RGI I dedicate this award to our young people - said Vito Rocca, Group CEO of RGI - so that they always keep a positive vision of the future, where innovation and Olivetti model represent an essential binomial for their growth and their professional career.”

The Award Committee highlighted RGI’s winning features, such as the RGI Academy, dedicated to the training and development of the best talents, to introduce standard and high-quality methodologies recognized by the market. Every year, around 20% of turnover is allocated to the research and development in new techniques - such as blockchain, chatbot, usability, etc. - and identification and study of new areas of application. The constant growth of RGI over the years has been matched with the collaborations with some of the most prestigious universities such as the Cattolica University of Milan and CeTIF (Center for Research in Technologies, Innovation and Financial Services) and the Universities of Trento, Milan, Turin and Pisa, which have guaranteed the highest standards both in terms of innovation and performance. This commitment is reflected in the success of the PASS_Insurance software, a complete multi-company, multi-territory, multi-currency and multi-language suite for the end-to-end management of the insurance business, which has become the most used core system by Insurers in EMEA.

Another key feature of RGI is the attention to environmental sustainability as proven by the choice of increasingly introduce hybrid cars in its car fleet and the fostering of employees car sharing.

RGI has thus demonstrated the ability to partner with Insurers in the digital transformation and to keep growing in EMEA as the reference player in the digital insurance world.


Established by the Olivetti Spille d'Oro Association, the award is assigned to the small and medium enterprises that, even if not directly related to Camillo and Adriano Olivetti, share their approach, with commitment and creativity in the design of excellent products and with the focus on internal and external relations based on respect, transparency and collaboration.


“We strongly wanted this award - said the Association President David Olivetti - when thinking about the future of our Association. Our most important goal is the preservation of Olivetti values and our focus on that has always been ensured by the identity, by the commitment and by our many associates. Today more than ever, we must find the way to spread the memory and awareness of these values, encouraging the people that can become its successors. With this in mind, we awarded those who work in an innovative and responsible way, the companies who had the courage to stay in the territory and not to relocate, taking away the work and the future of our new generations."

The selection by the Award Committee, chaired by Roberto Ricci, lasted several months and involved experts from economic-financial and organizational fields, as well as specialists in innovation.

The methodology combined two types of analysis. A first evaluation was based on economic Key Performance Indicators to provide the real picture of the company in its ability to create income and in its solidity. The results were then combined with qualitative parameters, and in particular: product/process innovation; architecture, brand and services; territorial integration; corporate welfare; environment and energy. The shortlisted companies were then in-depth interviewed on the results of the analysis.



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