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People Stories

People stories

We are passion, courage, original thinking and innovation that is inspired by shared commitment to great work

Creativity, innovation, energy, problem solving: this is how we make the difference

RGI People

That’s what I like, having teams that evolve and help each other in a good atmosphere

Maxime Berthalon

IT Operations Manager at KAPIA-RGI

I wanted to complete my university career and RGI helped me in balancing work and study

Federica Alonge

Junior Programmer

I was looking for an employer who can back me, a workplace that values authenticity and a good balance between my personal and professional life

Caroline Feth

Accountant at NOVUM-RGI

I joined RGI with an academic background that is not as common, but the Teamwork and the openness of RGI People helped me to successfully overcome the early phases of my onboarding

Enrico Traversa

Business Analyst

One of our core values, sustainability, means also to use our knowledge and passion for technology to support our communities.

Iskander Belhaj Nasr

Analyst Developer

I believe it is very important for my professional growth to mix academic study at Politecnico di Torino and training at RGI

Riccardo Artuffo

Junior Business Analyst

RGI is a place where I could grow up and have the opportuity to learn a completely new career, more related to my university background

Alessia Naretto

Junior Functional Analyst

Thanks to the Bring a Friend project I’m in RGI for four months now and I am happy with the choice I made.

Cristina Ciaglia & Andrea Miletto

Software Quality Assurance and UI-UX Designer

RGI is a solid reality where I will have the opportunity to learn a lot and grow personally

Alberto Cavallarin

Java Developer

The success of the projects depends on the quality of everyone's work.

Francesco Ciusani

Project Manager

We help our clients to foster and embrace innovation, for example working together in Agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban

Paola Cappon

PO Intermediaries Delivery Manager

We think different and we work in an Agile way

Yuri Blanc

R&D full stack Developer

In RGI we have to work hard, we can have fun and together we make the difference.

Alessio Stumbo

Corporate Tools Support

A multicultural working environment makes everyone bring their own cultural background, which opens the way to innovative solutions

Rostand Kalombo

Analyst Developer

Give people a chance, trust in their potential to prove their value

Maxime Berthalon

Operations Manager of KAPIA-RGI

I chose RGI among many other companies because it has a smart approach to innovation

Mattia Manieri

Junior Developer

You need to break up the monotony to inspire creativity, foster teamwork, and build trusting relationships

Giulia Molinaro

Insurance product configuration specialist

In RGI I can have the opportunity to build my career and achieve my goals

Syrine Belgacem

Business Analyst