RGI Academy

The rise of a social enterprise. Today’s business challenges present a new wave of human capital, talent and organization priorities.

Every HR investment can point the way to value. RGI Academy supports innovative talents, leadership and change programs

  • The Academy introduces qualified methodologies, recognized by the market, to establish a training system, supported by business flexibility.

    Qualified teachers, innovative technologies and a wide range of training courses and solutions tailored to specific requirements.

    Creation of capability, credibility and community to deliver high impact for the business



    Analytical skills and knowledge to manage at best the partnership goals, through a deep knowledge of RGI’s solutions with a dynamic interaction.

    Sessions held by RGI Certified Trainers to achieve a win-win strategy between RGI and its Partners


    Globally recognised certifications to validate competences and expertise: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum programs allow partners and customers to become certified, based on their unique partner cluster


    All training courses are designed to transfer knowledge and develop core skills. Training methods are based on the latest learning techniques and alternate theoretical lessons, classroom exercises, content consolidation moments, technical tutoring activities and training on the job