RGI decision to support initiatives of specific social merit was born of our conviction that value produced by a company should be shared and contribute in a responsible manner to the growth of the civil society. 

  • 7 novembre foundation

    Founded on May 24th of 2004, the 7 Novembre Foundation has the mission of promoting the projects of non-profit organizations that address healthcare, the protection of civil rights and other forms of humanitarian assistance

    The Foundation is committed to supporting projects with a high impact on the social fabric and whose phases of implementation can be directly followed.

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  • Terre des Hommes

    Terre des Hommes has been striving for over 50 years to protect children all over the world against abuses and violence. Only in 2013, with 92 on-going projects in 20 Countries, Terre des Hommes helped 400 thousands of children, over 2 millions of people. 
    Terre des Hommes and RGI protect Giordania refugee children and mothers that now are in refugee camps.

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