Our policies and procedures ensure that our core values are always respected and considered within our actions

  • Code of Conduct

    We are committed to conduct our business with integrity and fairness, in compliance with the law and our values.

    This commitment is defined in the RGI Group's Code of Conduct, which defines the Group's mission and vision while reflecting RGI’s core values and providing the fundamental rules and practical advice to help guide our ethical conduct.

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  • Anticorruption

    Our Anticorruption Policy clearly articulates RGI Group’s commitment to prohibit, identify and prevent bribery and corruption both to internal and external stakeholders organizing in a consistent framework rules maybe already in force within the Group.

    Anticorruption Policy

  • Model 231

    In order to avoid the possible commission of the offenses contemplated by the Legislative Decree n. 231/2001, RGI SpA has adopted its own organization, management and control model, aimed at preventing both the risk of committing significant offenses and, consequently, the administrative liability of the Company.

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  • Suppliers

    Values and principles that inspire RGI Group in carrying out its activities require also respect from RGI suppliers. Our Suppliers policies define the behavioural rules relevant for RGI Group to create transparent and lasting relationships.

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  • Speak Up

    RGI Group, responsive to ethical issues and to the proper conduct of its business, has introduced, as part of the "risk control and management system", a system for the management of reports, including anonymous ones, which is valid in Italy and abroad and for all RGI Group companies.

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