PASS Portal

Inspired by the User Experience (UX) of Social Networks, PASS_PORTAL is an omni-device digital module for customer service representatives



  • RGI’s PASS Portal is a ground-breaking, highly customisable front-end used to design customer journeys tailored to customers need.

    Processes can be adapted with agility and accuracy to give a highly individualised and engaging end to end customer experience, with a card-based front-end ensuring maximum flexibility.

    Choose your own widgets to customize your workspace!


    Simplicity and technology, together like never before.

    A digital approach that delivers compelling user journeys.

    You can configure one or more workspace area, called “boards”, each with a flexible set of functionalities or “cards”, which you use when searching for a customer, a proposal, a quote, or a claim and the associated processes. Cards are fed data by drag & drops


    Mobile design best-practices with a responsive and customizable user interface, inspired by social media and B2C web portals.

    Headquarter users and brokers share the same front-end but the portal’s flexibility means that each user can customise their own workspace area


    The power of a responsive and custom-designed user interface.

    An all-round front-end that allows you to work anywhere anytime and have the same user experience regardless of the device you are using.

    Configure a board on your main device and access this same board from all your other channels