PASS_Broker Evolution

PASS_Broker Evolution is the management system designed to meet the brokers' requirements

  • PASS_Broker Evolution is the new, fully web-based management system for insurance developed with Microsoft technologies, which enables users to:

    • Have a single view of their portfolio
    • Integrate the entire digital evolution (mobiles, electronic payments, digital signature, paperless, etc.)
    • Be more compliant with regulations
    • Increase and facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders
    • Integrate easily with third-party applications
  • PASS_Affinity

    PASS_Affinity is an application for web-based quotations and sales of insurance products on traditional or alternative channels for the management of products by Affinity Group.

    The program is designed with .NET technology and uses PASS_Products as a tariff engine

  • PASS_Agenti

    The PASS_Agenti solution allows both tied and multi-firm agents to use a single system for the complete off-line management of the agency’s back-office.

    PASS_Agenti allows agents to market the products of a number of insurance companies: the solution has a normaliser that automatically receives data from insurers’ computer systems and channels them into a single management system

  • PASS_ModuliWeb

    A reserved area for policy holders, accessible through their own accounts, through which they can view existing cover, the contractual terms underwritten, the status of payments and their due dates and make renewals and payments

  • CRM

    The CRM module completes the management of sales processes through the availability of a shared, integrated agenda, the management of Leads and the management of business opportunities and allows the design and implementation of direct marketing campaigns (campaign return management/budget allocation/identification of deviations)


  • Customer-centric view

    A customer card for browsing and managing all data

  • Modular management

    Gradual activation of the required modules

  • Paperless

    Compliant optical storage, biometric signature, digital signature, certified email management, dematerialisation of documents

  • Systems integration

    Direct integration with Microsoft Office Automation environment (Outlook via Exchange or other managers), Gmail

  • Workflow

    Management and planning of the activities to be performed by single user/user group

  • Multilingual

    Multilingual and multi-company management at user level

  • Sales network

    Management of staff levels, with separate setting for commissions payable

  • IT optimisation

    Importing of data from company flows

  • Messaging

    Management of communications via email and SMS, internal chats, social networks, management of campaigns and dashboards using CRM