RGI World

#EneRGIe Games - 1st Edition

June, 7-8 2019

Gino Pistoni Stadium - Ivrea

On June 7th-8th 2019 in Ivrea (Italy), the first edition of the #EneRGIe Games took place. It was a 24-hour sport and social responsibility event organized by RGI.

220 RGI People from all the EMEA offices attended the event, together with about thirty kids and coaches of the Insuperabili Onlus Association, to whom the funds raised during the event were donated.

The Insuperabili association strives for the growth and the integration of children with disabilities into the society, through the practice of sport; football in particular.

The leitmotif of the two-day event was sport and teamwork which, along with passion and challenges, are elements of RGI too.

The affinity between Insuperabili and RGI was astonishing and brought forth a highly appreciated event followed by a wide audience. The event closed with the RGI - Insuperabili match and the delivery of the diplomas to the Insuperabili children.