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Ivrea, Rome, Verona and Paris

RGI in partnership with the reading festival La Grande Invasione organized a series of meetings with special guests of the journalism world.

From its first edition in 2013, RGI is sponsor of La Grande Invasione, the reading festival held on June in Ivrea. The reading kermesse originated by the cooperation of the publisher Edizioni Sur and the bookshop La Galleria del Libro that organizes meetings, in different places of Ivrea, to meet Italian and foreign authors, both famous ones and beginners, facing very important topics that deal with literature, journalism, cinema, music and comics. It involves more than 12.000 visitors, underlying the appreciation of the people for an event that makes literature a meeting moment.

On May 31st 2017 the first RGI Breakfast event took place in Ivrea with Serena Danna, journalist of Corriere della Sera at the time. The successful event has roused great interest from all the attendees. The discussion talked over digital creativity topics, giving also the RGI point of view on the Digital Transformation across the Insurers business.

The second RGI Breakfasts took place in Rome where Luca Sofri, journalist director of the online newspaper Il Post, and the RGI People had an open discussion on how technology, social media and the new consumer habits change the information. Another one took place in Verona where Serena Danna, journalist and vice director of Vanity Fair, and the RGI People discussed about change: a theme which RGI is going through every day from a corporate level and, on the other hand, helps its clients to evolve and to change in an innovative way.

In the same year, on October 3rd, KAPIA-RGI hosted an Afterwork event in Paris with live broadcast in Lille. Yazid Amer, journalist and Head of LifeStyle and New Technologies at Plugged Magazine, and he had an open discussion about digital transformation and how it has revolutionized also the press and communication field.