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DIA Events

October 18th 2018 - June 27th 2019

Munich and Amsterdam

For two years RGI has been selected for the DIA Events of Munich in 2018 and Amsterdam 2019.

DIA - Digital Insurance Agenda - is an event format dedicated to the most disruptive technological innovation in the insurance world and it takes place twice a year in Europe: in Amsterdam during the summer and in autumn in Munich.

On October 2018 RGI was among the 50+ Insurtech pioneers, giving an overview of its Virtual Assistant, which is just a piece of a complete and innovative suite for the policy administration that allows the whole underwriting and management of a policy in 5 clicks using the omni-device & omni-channel technology (PASS_Portal).

On June 2019 the must-see Insurtech event took place in Amsterdam. RGI illustrated a model to manage an insurance profile with a fully digital and engaging Insurance Experience, based on RGI technology in Cloud and on Adriano, a device by Domethics, an innovative IoT start-up.

Thanks to the enabling technology of RGI, Insurers can operate seamlessly and in real-time both in the case of B2B and B2C, becoming a lifetime partner for its customers.

On-demand assistance and prevention services, domotics and incentives for virtuous behaviours make Insurance a key element of everyday life and in case of unforeseen events.