RGI Group customer and partners’ event

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RGI Group customer and partners’ event

Thursday – Friday October 14 – 15, 2021

On October 14-15 RGI held two digital events, RGI Peers Connection and Unlock Your Ecosystem, dedicated respectively to its customers and partners

The RGI Peers Connection event, was held to give an update to all our customers about the Group upcoming news and a screening of the technology and insurance market by our experts’ vision. More in details, Cécile André opened the event with a keynote about our strategy and our recent news in the organization, then it was given an outlook of the digital transformation across the Insurance value chain, provided by our partner Celent – Oliver Wyman Group. The core of the event was dedicated to the presentation of RGI key assets’ evolution from sales and product points of view, offered by Paolo Tomas, Marco Sebastiani and Aniello Mautone, followed by a fireside chat, chaired by Alessandro Simili, among our Country leaders Alberto Piva, Christophe Quesne and Kai-Uwe Reiter, who talked about the latest market news from Italy & Mediterranean, France & Benelux and DACH regions. Cécile and Paolo gave their final remarks to close the morning.

The Unlock Your Ecosystem event, was an occasion to discover RGI Partners Community and to promote the cooperation between RGI and its Partners to deliver excellence and success to EMEA Insurers.

The even started once again with updates on our strategy and organization by Cécile André, followed by a glance on the evolution of our Product roadmap provided by Marco Sebastiani and Aniello Mautone. The main discussion revolved around our Partners ecosystem, with an industry introduction by BCG – Boston Consulting Group and a deep dive on our partners framework by Michele Maggiorotti. Alessandro Simili chaired again the roundtable among our Country leaders Alberto Piva, Christophe Quesne and Kai-Uwe Reiter, who talked about the local partner strategies in our geographies, followed by the closing session and Q&A led by Cécile and Michele.

These two events were a key moment to share with our network our updates and strategies, a perfect occasion to keep close to customers and partners, to share with them our evolution path and the related value for them, as well as to strengthen the relations.