università cattolica and rgi together to train tomorrow's ...


Università Cattolica and RGI together to train tomorrow's  insurance innovators

With a view to a partnership with CeTIF, the Research Centre for Technologies, Innovation and Financial Services at the Università Cattolica of Milan, RGI, leading Italian provider of software and technology services for the insurance sector, is providing the Università Cattolica of Milan with its experience in the digital transformation of the insurance sector to develop the Master’s degree in Digital Innovation & Fintech 2017.

The aim of the Master’s is to train the new players of Digital Transformation, earmarked for positions in the new digital professions, to understand the opportunities for innovation provided by new technologies and to acquire the skills to support Big Data projects in the Finance sector, as well as to provide a comprehensive view of the developing digital market.

RGI’s thirty years’ experience in the field, helping a number of insurance companies achieve digitalisation, will give students the opportunity to come into contact with fundamentally important subjects and tools for the development of Digital Transformation projects and approaches, such as Big Data, Internet Of Things, Cloud Computing, etc.

RGI managers will therefore contribute to the master's degree as lecturers and by providing testimonials, sharing their know-how and passing on their passion for innovation to those who will be in a position to revolutionise the market tomorrow. Besides lectures, RGI will also set up internships for a minimum of 500 hours and will support the Università Cattolica in the selection of candidates for the Master’s in Digital Innovation & Fintech.

“We are delighted to be able to contribute and work together with CeTif on the Master’s in Digital Innovation & Fintech to provide young professionals with the means to interact on innovation issues which are becoming increasingly pivotal in the insurance market” explains Vito Rocca, CEO of RGI. “With our expertise, we can equip students with the know-how and the tools they need to be successful in an increasingly digital-oriented workplace. But this is not all, because the internships will enable some of them to prove themselves directly at RGI, where everything is geared towards Digital Transformation and innovation. The future is in the hands of the young and we at RGI want to help them to make it better.”