PROtACTION is Credemassicurazioni and Credemvita's new consulting model for insurance protection, enabled by the new digital platform which was developed by RGI

PROtACTION is Credemassicurazioni and Credemvita’s new consulting model for insurance protection, enabled by the new digital platform which was developed with the support of RGI’s technology and which places customer protection at the centre of the insurance activities. This is a new, all-round consulting service which allows Credemassicurazioni and Credemvita to offer their distribution networks and intermediaries an innovative tool that helps identifying customer protections needs, in order to create  a comprehensive offer tailored according to what they require.

The project has received a prestigious award in the Customer Experience category at the Future Bancassurance Forum (BAF), an event that celebrates the best companies in the Bancassurance and Local Banks sectors. It has also won in the category “DIGITAL: Best digital idea, project, initiative developed by: Bancassurance company” at the first edition of the Insurance Connect Awards (ICA), an event established this year on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Insurance Connect to recognise the best companies in the insurance sector.

The PROtACTION platform allows insurers to finalise a comprehensive insurance proposal in four easy steps, which include: insurance needs evaluation, consulting phase, contract finalisation and digital signing. Moreover, it enables the issuing in a single sales flow of multiple Life and Non-Life products at the same time, thus increasing efficiency and making it possible to offer the client full coverage.

This new digital platform guides the whole end-to-end placement process – a process which can also be reused in an extra-captive perspective.

A precursor to the needs that have been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has completely transformed the customer-insurer relationships, PROtACTION is a platform that introduces a new service model for insurance protection which is based on a consultancy approach and on a focus on customer experience and digital signature systems with an omnichannel perspective.

Furthermore, the full digitalisation of the policy issuing process helps support another crucial aspect for Credem and RGI at a world level: sustainability and attention for the environment. The full digitalisation of the policy issuing process results in a potential yearly saving of about 7 million grams of CO2.

"With the launch of the PROtACTION platform we have paved the way for a new approach according to which insurance protection is completely integrated within a comprehensive customer offering. RGI focuses on the offering of digital solutions with high added value, with the aim of bringing innovation to products and services thanks to tailored projects which allow our clients to offer their policyholders ever-innovative insurance solutions” Cécile André Leruste, RGI Group CEO, has said.  “This project represents a further step for Credem’s digital transformation, which we started together in 2010, and the awards it has received are a great acknowledgement of our joint work”.

“With PROtACTION we wanted to design a digital consulting model with the protection needs of our customers at its centre to offer them insurance solutions that are increasingly consistent with their present and future needs” – Francesco Germini, Credemassicurazioni S.p.A. and Credemvita S.p.A. DG, has commented. “Thanks to this project and the collaboration with RGI we have intervened on the insurance protection processes. By doing so, we have evolved our service model towards a more transparent, simplified and digitalised approach for our customers. They can now sign their contracts also using their internet banking service and from the comfort of their home after having taken their time to think about it”.