Novum RGI, Flexperto and UNIQA at the Insurance Forum Austri ...


Novum-RGI, Flexperto and UNIQA at the Insurance Forum Austria 2022

Tomorrow and on Friday Novum-RGI, Flexperto – powered by RGI, and UNIQA, are attending the Insurance Forum Austria 2022 in Stegersbach.

These will be two days of exciting discussions on the topics of Software-as-a-Service, innovation, compliance, cloud-based portfolio and customer engagement solutions, as well as IT solutions in the insurance industry in general.

Starting from their joint business case, Tomasz Farjan, Digital Product Owner of the Digital Sales Platform of UNIQA Insurance Group, and Nathalie Klak, Head of Partner Management at Flexperto – powered by RGI, will hold on Friday at 9am a speech about how innovative cooperation models in the insurance industry can lead to more agility, innovation and security in the business.