Novum RGI expands partnership with UNIQA for launch into a n ...


Novum-RGI expands partnership with UNIQA for launch into a new digital age in the insurance sector in Central and Eastern Europe

As an IT partner, Novum-RGI is currently supporting UNIQA in setting up its Affinity business, which has already resulted in two successful rollouts in Austria and Romania after only a few months of joint cooperation.

The extended partnership with UNIQA in the area of Affinity started in July 2022 on the basis of the Digital Sales Platform (DSP). Following the first successful international rollout in Romania, further countries are to follow this year. In Austria, as well, our partner was able to implement the first customer, the sports retail chain Hervis, a daughter company of Spar Österreichische Warenhandels-AG, within only seven weeks. End customers can now take out insurance directly for their bicycles purchased from Hervis.

The development of the Affinity business at UNIQA is based on its successful Digital Sales Platform (DSP). The DSP was launched in June 2020 with Novum-RGI as development partner. After less than eight months of development from kickoff to the finished DSP, UNIQA already started selling online insurance products together with its banking partner Raiffeisen Bank International.

The DSP supports different business models: the end-customer business (self-service) on the Internet, integration in web stores of retailers and service providers, and as an on-site POS solution in the stores of retailers and service providers. Banks, retailers and service providers can therefore expand their core business by offering matching, fully digitalized insurance products. The solution is already available in Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. Other countries are to follow.

The basis for UNIQA's DSP and the Affinity business are established standard software solutions of the V'ger product family for the complex property and life insurance business in combination with the portal solution of Novum-RGI based on the Novum Cloud Platform. The end-to-end, digital sales process with guaranteed availability around the clock, is made possible by the use of the cloud-based platform, which is unique in the insurance market. The different sales processes, compliance and security requirements, as well as payment requirements, which are different in each country, can also be mapped quickly and cost-effectively on the basis of the Novum Cloud Platform.