Embedded Insurance in the Cloud: Novum RGI together with UNI ...


Embedded Insurance in the Cloud: Novum-RGI together with UNIQA at the 6th specialist conference "Cloud deployment in insurance companies" in Leipzig

Embedded insurance is one of the most exciting developments in the digitalized insurance market. Almost every product that can be purchased online can be usefully expanded to include an insurance policy. UNIQA is also focusing on this and is currently building up its affinity business based on its Digital Sales Platform (DSP) together with Novum-RGI.

UNIQA launched its Affinity business in July last year. The first successful international rollout took place in Romania in March after just a few months. Other countries will follow this year. In Austria, too, the first customer, the sports retail chain Hervis, was implemented within just a few weeks.

In their joint presentation "UNIQA - Embedded Insurance based on Novum Cloud Platform", Marina Mihaylova (Digital Business Analyst, UINQA Affinity International Markets), Klaus Stadlbauer (Head of Austria Novum-RGI Germany GmbH) and Dennis Eisert (Head of Sales Novum-RGI Germany GmbH) will present the latest developments in embedded insurance on Tuesday, May 23rd at 14: 35 p.m. in Leipzig, how cloud-based solutions significantly support embedded insurance, enable the end-to-end digital sales process with guaranteed availability around the clock and map the various sales processes and payment requirements quickly, cost-efficiently and compliantly.

The 6th specialist conference "Cloud deployment in insurance companies" of Versicherungsforen Leipzig will take place on May 23 and 24, 2023.

More information about the event can be found here.