PASS Products

The core module of PASS Insurance is PASS Products, the product configurator and rating engine


  • PASS Products

    PASS Products allows the effective evolution of your product definitions, including changes to rate tables, underwriting rules, and algorithms of all lines of business.

    It improves the rating sophistication and granularity to target new market opportunities.

    PASS Products is available as a standalone rating engine, or as part of the PASS Insurance Suite and it help you to be compliant to the IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive) regulation, a set of European requirements related to the manufacture, oversight and governance of insurance products

  • PASS Products Evolution

    PASS Products Evolution is a complete Product Administration System for Insurers and Intermediaries that supports you on the full lifecycle of Insurance Products from Design to Review

  • PASS Products Easy

    In the PASS Products Easy version, the product configurator and rating engine can be used by business users. It gives insurers the power, flexibility and speed to innovate and create profitable growth. PASS Products Easy streamlines the time-to-market for the creation and go-live of new products or for modifying existing products