Speak Up!

RGI Group, responsive to ethical issues and to the proper conduct of its business, has introduced, as part of the "risk control and management system", a system for the management of reports, including anonymous ones, which is valid in Italy and abroad and for all RGI Group companies.

RGI Group believes in the creation of an inclusive workplace where people feel able to be themselves in a safe environment that helps foster an open culture where everyone feels comfortable bringing their ideas – and challenges – to the table.

At the same time, RGI Group demands and expects from its employees, employees and interns, managers, members of the corporate bodies of all the companies of the RGI Group, as well as consultants, collaborators, third parties in general such as partners and suppliers and customers, a behavior compliant with the law and aligned with all the rules of the internal assurance and risk management system, including:

  • Group Code of Conduct;
  • Model of organization, management and control pursuant to Legislative Decree 8 June 2001, n.231;
  • Anti-corruption Policy;
  • Supplier Code of Conduct

In particular, the following may be reported:

  • a criminal activity (crime or infraction),
  • a serious and obvious violation of the law;
  • conduct or situation contrary to the Code of Conduct or Group policies and therefore to the RGI Group Compliance Program;
  • a situation that could pose a threat or cause serious damage to the public interest (e.g. relating to public health, security);
  • a serious breach, potential or actual, relating to the areas of health, safety or the environment;
  • an act of unjustified retaliation.

To this end, RGI Group provides (i) a certain and confidential channel to make reports, even anonymously, which is managed by a specialized third-party provider, (ii) as well as a Speak Up! Group policy.

The utmost confidentiality is guaranteed with regard to the subjects and facts reported, so that those who make the report will not be subject to any form of retaliation, also in compliance with the provisions of Directive (EU) 2019/1937.

The application of these rules is limited to cases where the report is factual, detailed and verifiable, as well as submitted in good faith because the reporter reasonably believes that an unlawful act or event contrary to internal rules and legal regulations has occured, is occurring or is likely to occur.

False or vexatious statements, mere suspicions or rumors, personal complaints or claims are therefore not allowed.

In Italy, reports relating to the violation of Organization and Control Model and the Code of Ethics pursuant to the L. D. 231/2001 will be received directly through the channel by the Supervisory Body, for material competence by RGI S.p.A.’s Supervisory Body, in accordance with the Whistleblowing Procedure attached to the RGI S.p.A. Model 231 to which reference is made, published here https://www.rgigroup.com/corporateresponsability.

Instead, for what concernes Unimatica-RGI S.p.A., considering that it has its own procedure for reporting violations, reports cannot be made through the Speak Up! channel and must be reported exclusively to Unimatica-RGI S.p.A., in accordance with the provisions of its Model 231 published https://www.unimaticaspa.it/it/codice-etico-e-modello-231.

Report a violation to RGI GROUP

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