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bancassurance popolari

BancAssurance Popolari

PASS_Compagnia Life and P&C

“It was a very ambitious project, but in the current market context, there are very few companies that can say they operate on a single integrated life and non-life system.”

Dott. Emanuele Marsiglia
(DG BancAssurance Popolari)

BancAssurance Popolari and Bancassurance Popolari Danni are two bancassurance companies operating in the Life and P&C branches and which are subject to the management and coordination of Banca Etruria which wholly controls them. The clientele of the companies is typical of distributing banks (Banca Etruria Group and Banca Carim) and thus very much tied to their region. The insurer’s mission is to offer policy holders an excellent service which is as complete as possible, in order to satisfy all their needs. The ability to adopt a customer-centric approach and to count on the insurer's operational efficiency is key to achieving this objective. For this reason, BAP decided to update its information systems and, with a view to efficiency, opted for an integrated Life and P&C system managed by a single supplier. This has enabled it to make the customer the focal point around which all the insurer’s activities revolve, improve the efficiency of the entire policy management process and open up to innovation in terms of both technology and market potential.

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