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Gruppo Cattolica

Gruppo Cattolica

PASS_Insurance for P&C - the first step towards the insurance digitalization

"IT costs were cut by 35% between 2010 and 2012. RGI products have been a key role in achieving this result"

(CIO Cattolica Assicurazioni)


Cattolica Group, the most important insurance group in North-Eastern Italy, focusing on quality and operating excellence in the insurance business offered to its customers, has started a modernization process to innovate its IT systems towards the adoption of new modern and flexible systems, which can simpify business processes and help lower operating expenses.

Cattolica chose RGI products because of the vendor strong execution capabilities and viability, its proven insurance competences in and the affordable costs.

The adoption of RGI PASS_Compagnia for the P&C business brought Cattolica to be among the first Italian insurance companies to adopt a 100%-online system, based on open technologies, which helped towards a 35% reduction in OPEX and improved the time-to-market for new products and tariffs, also improving the overall system usability for business users.

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