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HDI Assicurazioni

HDI Assicurazioni

PASS_Compagnia for Life and Non-Life - a unique system for the entire insurance business

“The change was a an obligatory step for the company: HDI Assicurazioni had to open up to innovation, adopting the latest technology that would guarantee a much shorter time-to-market."

(CIO HDI Assicurazioni)

HDI Assicurazioni is an insurance company belonging to the Talanx Group of Hanover. It came about as an offshoot of the HDI Group, Germany's third-largest insurer. The strategic vision of HDI Assicurazioni, which is fully in line with the principles of the German group, is to strive constantly to improve the quality of its offering and service in order to satisfy the needs of each and every customer. HDI began a process of renewing its information systems in order to switch over to a modern and flexible system that would allow the Insurer to actively and quickly capture new business opportunities, bringing innovation and efficiency into its internal business processes. With this goal, the Insurer chose to put its faith in the RGI Group who guaranteed them implementation of a single system, that was web technology-based and ready for multi-channel access. By adopting the RGI Group PASS_Compagnia solution, HDI Assicurazioni immediately positioned itself at the technological forefront of the Italian insurance sector, becoming the first company to operate on a single, integrated Life and P&C platform, that is fully online and which makes it possible to conduct customer insight analysis, reduce its ITC costs by approx. 20%, cut down its time-to-market and open the company to multi-channel innovation.

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